Budizzz was born in 2014 from sleepless nights with our son Bartu. Because Bartu found peace and could sleep only when accompanied by the humming of the kitchen extractor. To address Bartu's sleep deprivation, we embarked on a journey. We discovered that 67% of couples experience significant relationship stress due to disrupted sleep routines in the first 3 years after a baby's birth. This revelation inspired the creation of Budizzz: a sleep aid companion equipped with soothing white noise sounds. By selling my house in Poland, I invested in Budizzz, striving not just for Bartu's peace but for the tranquil sleep of countless other families. Budizzz, the intelligent sleep aid, brought peace to thousands of families by putting babies to sleep within 5 minutes. Understanding the effects of sleep deprivation, including issues such as depression, anxiety, memory problems, and weakened immune systems, we developed myBudizzz. myBudizzz combines a healthy lifestyle platform offering customizable routines with an intelligent device supporting melatonin production by eliminating blue light. Its content ranges from enchanting stories to relaxing music and meditations. Moreover, Budizzz shares the revenue from app subscriptions with content creators, supporting their mission to enrich families' lives with meaningful content. Budizzz is not merely a device; it focuses on enhancing the parenting experience by introducing the concept of "Mindful Parenting." Our goal is to make parenting more manageable and enjoyable. Parenting is not about perfection; it's about savoring every moment – joy, chaos, struggles, and victories. Budizzz supports you on your parenting journey, growing with its community and being there to embrace every moment with you. Improve your sleep with a well-rested smile, boost your joy, and transform your parenting adventure. Welcome to Budizzz!


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