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Bed and Beyond
Bed and Beyond

Bige and Simge lived far from each other for a long time, sometimes in separate countries. Although they were sisters, they didn't really know each other well. When they moved to the same city in 2015, they decided to live together. Their address was 10/49 (which would later become the name of their company). The sisters, who became closer with each passing day, decided to spend every Sunday together. They declared Sundays as “do nothing days”. They were wearing their favorite and most comfortable pajamas for the day, doing nothing together all day. They grew up around sewing machines, fabric dust, size labels, and buttons. They went to schools and did jobs that had nothing to do with fashion and production, they have never thought of going back to that place. But they went back to the model shop where their father raised them and started producing together. They inherited skill of planning production, differentiating good fabric and good pattern from their father. They established bed and beyond to design pajamas worthy of their special day and to offer this experience to everyone. Two young women are trying, failing, asking questions, wondering. They produce with the awareness that quality is the obligation that they will not compromise. They invite you to a sound sleep in their products. what kind of brand? bed and beyond selects the most healthy, durable and long-lasting fabrics for its products, processes and presents them with care. Instead of throwing away the wastes of production, it makes a big effort to transform these wastes into a different product for each material. With its collection, it offers unique pajamas and comfortable clothing experiences that you can wear all day, both at home and on the street. bed and beyond believes that there is no need to buy different clothes every season, given the climate change and the need for fashion to slow down. Thus, there is no need for brands to present different collections every season. Therefore, bed and beyond doesn’t adopt seasonal collections. Instead of producing big collections every few months, it adds different colors and patterns, different styles and fabrics to its products from time to time. For this reason, this site has been designed as a library that displays all that bed and beyond has produced since day one. It also stays away from stereotypical dualities such as summer-winter color, male-female color. Because we should be able to wear whatever we want, however we want, whenever we want.

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