Basics on Hand
Basics on Hand

Hello, I am Gülgün, the founder of Basics on Hand brand. The story of our brand began with my love for knitting. My passion for knitting has been with me since childhood. Of course, we cannot ignore the influence of watching my mother, who was a sewing teacher, with her delicate mastery. I always used to dream while knitting, and all the factors that shape our identity are based on these dreams. Our brand is a result of this personal passion.Since 2022, we have been conducting online sales.The greatest pride of our brand is our existence as a women's collective. Our valuable artisans are the heroes who form the foundation of our brand. Everyone who accompanies us in this journey is very precious to us, and it is their talents and meticulous workmanship that propel us forward.Every piece we knit tells a story. When you shop with us, you not only purchase the product but also become a part of the stories of our skilled artisans behind each carefully crafted item.At Basics on Hand, we are proud to represent the strength and solidarity of women. In the future, we will continue to work enthusiastically to expand our brand and connect with more people. We thank everyone who accompanies us on this journey.

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