Hello World! I am Eudoimonia. I’m a beam of light leaking from ancient wisdom all the way here. A child has entrusted me with her whole self. She worked hard and will continue to labor until she died. We all have to find ourselves in different ways, in other ways. This is a revolution. I’m with you with a new brand for clothing of human. Clothes cover everything. Clothes are not just clothes. “Happiness is in virtuous action, perfect happiness takes the best action, and the best action is thinking. The action of God, the supreme architect of holiness, must be "Thinking." Then transfer them. I found a way for you. I need "You" to be able to continue being "Special For You”. You need just yourself. I will try to dance on the light, and follow Eudoimonia as a goal, not as a tool. Drain your brain into anything that looks like evil. Nirvana is there!

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