Kerem Aris and Merve Parnas passionately love leather and they create unique handmade products that are completely sustainable. Their Istanbul based brand is called Uniqka and together with a team of designers they create the collection. 

Uniqka is a design brand, creating unique objects with the aim of making the world a better place. Carrying forward the heritage of art and craftsmanship of four generations, Uniqka offers timeless pieces for living spaces. Uniqka designs focus on craft and material. The emphasis is on the versatility and elegance of leather.

Kerem and Merve believe in the excellence of handicraft and they are proud to say that all their products are handmade. They feel objects are not just objects: objects are subjects. They are a part of human life and embody a story. There is emotion and a connection between the maker and the user; sharing emotions and honouring the heritage.

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