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Studio Kali
Studio Kali

Studio Kali is a multidisciplinary design studio that is after creating a world full of meaning, function and inspiration. 
Beyond their function, it is the emotional expressiveness of the objects around us that adds meaning, character and joy to our daily life. In Studio Kali’s product collection, nature, art, our cultural richness and the information hidden in traditional craft techniques are our major sources of inspiration. We focus on creating products that are full of these stories and that carry this inspiration into daily life. 

We aim to create products that differentiate themselves with their simplicity, while focusing on use of natural materials and timelessness. In doing so, we sometimes whisper nature, sometimes art & culture; and mostly the sea, the wind, and the Aegean and Mediterranean spirit into everyday life… 
One of our founding principles is to make our responsibility towards the environment and society an indispensable component of the way we do our business. Holding on to this principle, we contribute 5% of our profits to social and environmental causes that we care about. 


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