Mev's Atelier

Unique & Handicraft Handbag

Mev's Atelier was established in October 2017 by Mevsim Türker. With craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and the unique designs, each Mev's bag takes on a huge love even when it is in the production phase and offering women to feel effortless elegance day to evening. Mev's Atelier inspired by geometric shapes and combined that with the handicraft.

One day after an airplane journey, Mevsim Türker saw a women who wear the handbag like her grandmother at her childhood. The bag, with the jean and tshirt, was beamed according to the conditions of 2017. She puts on her mind to bring that trend back, and wanted to integrate it with modern designs. She has created the unique handbags that combined with the high quality materials and handicraft. This is realization of dreams.

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