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Zygielle Magic Bijoux
Zygielle Magic Bijoux

Zygielle was born in 2017 in Istanbul. It was built in an 8500-year-old city where East and West met, with every clue left to us from its art, craft and the history of womanhood in this geography.
What Begüm Sarıer and her women's team wanted to create from the very beginning is to produce transformative wearable accessory pieces that allow everyone to design themselves.
The globe, which designs different geometric structures according to all conditions in nature, takes its name from the weaver spider, Zygielle, and its mission is ""to empower women to be self-confident and be the person they want to be"". He accepts in his family everyone who can show the courage to be free by weaving their own webs.
Zygielle's dream is not to be a complementary accessory, but to be used as the main character, eye-catching piece.
One year after our establishment, it was on sale in one of Turkey's most prestigious chain stores, Vakkorama, and in a short time it became the favorite of many famous fashion designers, the most famous fashion magazines and many stylists. We have a collective workshop where we make custom designs and have fun, and an active online store.
We continue to produce and create so that you can carry the freedom and art in the world with the designs that come out of the hands of our women, who combine traditional Turkish handicraft and knitting technique with the materials of the future.


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