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Turkey's first 100% domestic production and animal figure children's bag Zoozy. Children will love school more with Turkey's first animal figure bags specially designed and produced by Zoozy for children. Zoozy bag varieties include; brave tiger, cute bear, shocked duck, pirate shark, cute ladybug, such as 21 kinds of animal figures that are special from each other. In addition, it aims to strengthen the school experience of children with the Lunch Box and Pencilcase models it produces. Zoozy, which aims to make animal love permanent and to make children's school experience fun with special designs, will be indispensable for children anytime and anywhere. With its trolley bags, Zoozy provides an easier transportation experience for little ones. During the holidays, Zoozy will accompany the children as a tiny suitcase, and the holidays will be even more enjoyable for them. Zoozy, the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to children's bags, opened its first sales store in Mecidiyeköy in June 2023. It is now easier to find all the brand's products together in Zoozyshop/Kidsium, which has attracted great attention by children and families since the day it was opened. Zoozy, which carries out its production by prioritizing children's health, is also especially preferred by families. No substances harmful to health are used in the production of Zoozy School Bags, which are 100 percent domestic production. It is designed by Turkish Designers using embroidery and three-dimensional special fabrics to increase reality and interaction instead of harmful plastic, plastic printing, phthalate.

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