Voeux Kitchenware
Voeux Kitchenware

The magical journey of Voeux brand begins in the town of La Baule, located two hours away from Paris, where Julien Martin was born and raised. Julien eagerly awaited the arrival of summer, not only because of the dreamlike atmosphere of the town but also because of the delicious meals cooked by his grandmother, Jeannette. Julien's interest in gastronomy began during those childhood summers spent with his grandmother . The day starts with freshly picked vegetables from the garden each day, this culinary journey continued with wonderful moments spent in the kitchen with Jeannette and ended with enjoyable meals around the table. No matter how much Julien asked about the source of these flavors, his grandmother would tell him it was a secret and that she would share it with him when the time was right, igniting his excitement. After numerous summers passed, Julien grew up and took his future wife to the farmhouse in La Baule,  to introduce her to Jeannette and her culinary delights. Jeannette worked her magic in the kitchen once again, introducing the young couple to the best flavors. After a delightful meal, Jeannette approached the couple with a black cast iron pot in her hands. The time had come for her to share her secret. Handing over the cast iron pot to the young couple, Jeannette said, ""The secret to my meals is this pot. Now you can cook flavorful dishes together in your new life."" Julien Martin and his wife, who lived in various cities around the world, always brought their cast iron pot to their kitchen. Julien Martin wanted to share these versatile and flavorful cooking utensils with food enthusiasts everywhere, andv joined forces with Bertan Beyazıt Battal and Erçin Aras, who also shared his passion for gastronomy and elegant dining experiences, to establish a new brand. They named the brand Voeux, which means ""Wish and Desire"" in reference to the delicious meals and enjoyable moments shared around the table. In a short period of time, Voeux brand started producing cookware made entirely of pure iron, as well as grilling pans that brought the flavors of barbecue in your kitchen. These highly acclaimed products were accompanied by premium knives and elegant tableware. And now, Voeux is ready to meet you. How about joining this flavor-filled journey that started i a small French town? In memory of Madamme Jeanette Barbas, with love...  The Voeux Family

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