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Village 11 Factory
Village 11 Factory

Get ready to fall in love with skincare genius Dr. Geek’s crazy formulas! Led by its beloved “Crazy Scientist”, Village 11 Factory is set out to provide solutions for every skin trouble under the sun with its innovative formulas and rare ingredients. 

The purpose of Village 11 Factory is to create multifunctional skin products an in-depth approach, while making sure that skincare is always fun! Hence the brand never shies away from incorporating new and unique skincare ingredients in its genius formulations. The brand’s most prominent unique ingredients is Harpagophytum, or Devil's Claw, a rare herb that has long been used by the indigenous people of Africa to relieve pain and heal wounds. A strong moisturizer, Devil’s Claw revitalizes, nourishes and improves skin elasticity. Another powerful and unique ingredient is called “eco ceramide"". which is produced with 100% natural ingredients. Eco ceramide prevents moisture loss and strengthens the skin barrier, while also carrying antibacterial qualities for skin detox.

Let Village 11 Factory’s genius Dr. Geek introduce you to the best K-Beauty items including special lines for men's care, innovative hand and foot masks and body creams! Set out on a journey for extraordinary skin solutions with Village 11 Factory!

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