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Tiny Lamb
Tiny Lamb

Working with world brands for many years and with the experiences gained in the field of baby textiles, “Why don't we do our own brand?” Tiny Lamb was born when the team came together. In 2019, the first passenger of the brand started with the company founder and designer in a 55 square meter office in Sinpaş, which also took part in Denizli Merkezefendi. The first collections of the brand began to be designed here. In a short time, the first products were planted and packaged and started to take their place on the shelf in the office. In this process, all channels were created for e-commerce and entry to marketplace was started. With the increase in the number of products and the acceleration of sales, the brand has switched to the new address. Here the team started to grow. The production team started to be included in the brand and production under the control of the production officer. The products of the brand have increased diversity during the year and increased the number of stocks. In April 2022, Denizli Merkezefendi also provided a transition to a new facility with a total of 1,000 square meters closed area, which is located in Bozburun neighborhood. In the new facility; Accounting, Foreign Trade, Logistics, Marketing and Planning Teams, including a total team of 30 people on behalf of our brand is maintained on behalf of our brand. We have integrated our brand into the overseas market after the domestic market with the slogan “It is the best for the little ones”. It is our biggest motivation to accompany your happiness.


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