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The Magic State
The Magic State

After working in corporate business life for many years, we created our brand "The Magic State", which is our dream of two sisters, with the entrepreneurial spirit passed down to us from our family. Our story was shaped a little bit when the smallest member of our family came into our lives. With his arrival, we realized the need for products that enable the little ones to grow up healthily. While putting health at the forefront with our GOTS certified 100% organic cotton products, the idea behind our brand is; Our goal was to be a sustainable local business that acts with an ethical production approach, is sensitive to animals and nature. The message we wanted to convey with our designs, the stories we wanted to tell were aimed at expanding the imagination of the little ones and giving them positive values ​​such as art, sports, love of animals and nature. We can say that we choose our color choices from natural and positive energizing colors. We aim to make our little ones feel good with our natural products. We use organic cotton fabric and organic dye in the production of our products, and we produce under conditions suitable for the organic production line. In addition, we have chosen to make packaging in accordance with the ethical principles we have adopted, taking care to ensure minimum waste in our packaging. We think and hope that our products will be appreciated thanks to the craftsmen who work diligently during the sewing phase of our products and do not spare their labor. If we talk about why we turn to organic; In fact, we are back to ethical production and health issues; The organic one protects human health, nature and animals. Since no chemicals are used in organic, there are no chemical components that can penetrate your body through the skin while using the product, besides, when you turn to organic, you protect people working at different stages of the process from being exposed to chemicals. On this road, when we took our products in our hands, first of all, we felt good, and we can't wait to bring them together with you, we wish to meet everyone in good days. Welcome to our magic world!

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