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After a meal in 2013, when we could not find a place to drink a well-brewed fresh tea, we returned to the office to have a freshly brewed tea. We set out to share fresh tea with everyone in our country, where tea is the most consumed and 250 million cups of tea are drunk every day, and we named it TeaShop. At that time, the TeaShop consisted of a small, single branch in Trump Towers Mall and offered excellent freshly brewed tea for 15 minutes. In 2015, Veysel Berk, the founder of our company, combined his strategic perspective and his experience as a scientist, and established the Mobile Kasa company, which offers the Paypad Smart Pos System developed for food retailers, and developed the technological solution that TeaShop needs. As of 2016, we have increased our retailing efforts and reached 5 branches in Istanbul, and we have moved on from being a cafe that offers only one fresh tea, to offering an experience to its guests. In 2019, we increased the number of stores to 10 by implementing the franchise model that is affordable, easy to operate, and has high returns. Our goal is to be a brand that delights and inspires our guests with fresh beverages and foods, especially tea, and our stores designed using the latest technologies to meet the expectations of our customers. Today, on its way to becoming a global brand, as TeaShop, it renews both its brand stance and store concept, and continues its efforts to offer a unique experience with its 20 stores in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya

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