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Soap and Candle Cuisine
Soap and Candle Cuisine

Soap and Candle Cuisine was established in Istanbul, 2021, inspired by an endless world of imagination and the power of colors with its eye-catching elegant designs.It is a kitchen that produces candles and soaps that enchant with their scents and benefit with their contents. In our products, we center everyone who cares spending enjoyable time with their loved ones, and does not compromise on the elegance of their home. We use our special herbal mixture blended with Soy and Candelila wax in our candles, each of which we pour by hand. Thanks to the scent technology we us, we can make your environment fragrant by emitting the odour throughout the day. Moreover, with our premium quality IFRA50 Certified natural scents, unwanted odors will be eliminated with a patented long-term feeling of freshness, plus making the atmosphere more decorative; we are here to make bathrooms happy with our cold process soaps blended only with natural oils.We produce both our candles and soaps by hand; our productions aim the best to protect the Earth and nature by using our hand-cast Limoges porcelain candle holders, local glass and handcrafted candle covers, paper particle cotton wicks, vegan and cruelty free products, and self-dissolving natural cargo processes. We do not use paraffin and phthalates in our candles. We continue to produce in our brand by adopting elegance, naturalness and quality as our principle. Since each color represents a fragrance in the collection ; We invite you to discover our candles and soaps with the product names Lunar, Lucid and Lethe. We believe in the waste-free, recyclable and sustainability of the products we produce. To everyone who values nature, the world, people and animals, who believes in the memory of scent and the power of their own fairy tale... With love...

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