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SFIDA started out as the dream of two childhood friends. It came into being when two white-collar workers, who worked in different sectors for many years, said "it's time". As children of the 90's, perhaps like many of us, we studied at the universities which we chose unconsciously and made careers in various companies after graduation. One of us completed the Executive MBA program at Koç University after studying Business Administration at Istanbul University and worked as a finance manager in Turkey's leading banks and energy companies. The other one of us graduated from the Faculty of Literature of Istanbul University and managed the marketing teams of companies producing for world-famous global fashion brands. Fashion design, which is the dream of one of us combined with the experience of more than 20 years in the textile industry of the other and got inspired  by the streets and breeze of Istanbul, the magnificent city we live in. As we set out, our dream is to bring together the designs in which we are comfortable, the sustainable products compatible with nature and those who prefer the timeless of fashion. We know that our paths cross at this point with you, our valued customers and our design team which is open to every suggestion, will enjoy working in line with your wishes. We look forward to your touching the heart of SFIDA to “Challenge” life with the joint style we will create together.

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