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About Us. We are two partners who have made it a life journey to contribute to life, to be on the side of life and to steer the wheel of the system with the wishes of nature. On this planet where consumption is required to produce, we are creating a way to turn consumption into production. ROTCO, by its very existence, aims to put everything called 'waste' that threatens the planet we live in and its creatures into the production wheel. With this belief, it allows those who join US to transform the design in each of its expertly designed products, paving the way for products recycled with waste to take on different styles. Inspired by nature, we are ready to climb the stairs of a vegan and sustainable life with our 'Plant Based Leather' with ROTCO, which takes its name from the 'Rotten Conversion'. Are you ready to take different steps on the same stairs with ROTCO, which is a sharp step towards the conversion of nature? ROTCO is the conversion as itself, how about you?

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