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Radika Aromaterapi
Radika Aromaterapi

Health is our most precious treasure... This treasure, which was given to us free of charge, suffers great damage in the dirty and difficult ways of life. It decreases, it disappears, it decreases. So, are all the diseases that happen to us are fate? Are we not at fault? Radika was born while seeking answers to these questions. We saw that we actually got more dirty while trying to be purified, and that we lost beauty while looking for beauty with cosmetics that we saw as the gift of technology. We met poison when we smelled it to open our hearts and when we put it on our skin for health. We know that we actually open the door to many of the diseases that happen to us. However, it is very easy to see that the source of health is in nature. Because we actually know. Because our elders gave us these precious and ancient secrets. We forgot. With Radika, we are now remembering what we forgot. We are bringing cleaners, oils, and healing scents that are not contaminated with chemicals, heavy metals and preservatives back into our lives. A plant full of goodness: Radika Turns out, what a precious plant it was, the dandelion, hairspray, or less commonly known as radica, which we used to blow in our childhood and watch its feathers flutter… It turns out that the compounds it carries in its cells are a source of health. So, we chose this plant, which we do not appreciate but very precious, whose existence we forgot but has the power to create us, as our name. Our wish is to guide us on the path we walk as we return to nature and purity...

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