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Pureexen Cosmetics
Pureexen Cosmetics

Her ongoing struggle with skin problems was the first step that paved the way for the entrepreneurial success of Ebru Tuna and her partners Serdar Başeğmez, Ekrem Caner Tuna and Necip Başkan. Ebru wanted her skin shine like the sun regardless of time but throughout her life she could not get the results she was looking for. She found the solution by banding together with her close friends, creating their own brand for men and women who want to have a timeless glowing skin. In the path to the solution, the team that started with months of clinical trials, by choosing actives and ingredients that are healing in many different parts of the world, they found themselves amazed by the clinic results of timeless beauty. Therefore, Pureexen was born as a product of these 4 successful entrepreneurs’ journey for timeless glowing beauty and became a favourite for those that want to see themselves timeless attractive in the mirror with its 6 different formulas. Just like a skin detective they searched for the most effective active ingredients and as they kept discovering the immediately glowing results, they saw that they were in the right path

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