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On average, did you know that the interior air is 2 to 5 times more dirty than outdoor spaces, and that this pollution is up to 100 times after cleaning your home with ordinary cleaning products? In addition, a study in 2017 showed that cleaning with chemical cleaning products affects lung function and causes respiratory disorders. The main reason for this is that hundreds of different harsh chemicals proven to be dangerous in many respects, cleaning products containing dangerous products and dangerous preservatives. The solution of this problem starts with the use of cleaning products with reliable and 100 %natural content. In fact, the story of Pureal began at this point, so that we cannot find a home cleaning product with the features we are looking for. So we wanted to develop a cleaning product and we established Pureal in 2022. We had two issues in mind when formulating Pureal products. The first is 100 %reliability against human, animals and the environment, and the other is high performance. Therefore, all stages have progressed through these two issues and continue to progress. As Pureal, our aim is to use multi -faceted, 100 %natural content, reliable, fragrance and residue, which can easily remove even the most challenging dirt, can be used in all the house cleaning, including laundry, do not pollute the air of your home, even allergen, even the most sensitive people can easily use, the environment and the environment and the environment. It was to develop a concentrate that had no harm to pets, and we achieved this as a result of long-lasting R & D! We have proved all this with dozens of different laboratory tests. Join the healthy home movement with Pureal!

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