Puffin Cycle Design
Puffin Cycle Design

You know, there is that phase where everyone decides to be their own boss and opens that coffee shop, let's say we made a slightly different choice there. After coronavirus, forest fires, global warming, earthquakes and many other disasters, we decided to do something before the alien invasion started. In such a period of continuous crises, we decided to build the foundation of our business on sustainability.
The Puffin collection, which we initially designed in metal, increased its cost many times in the new order that emerged after the pandemic and was shelved before it could even be unveiled. It would be very cool to tell you about the glorious journey we took to make the world a better place and to explain in detail what a noble purpose we serve, but our first starting point was to create a relatively safe business model. The idea of working with waste paper came to our rescue at this point. Although the idea of picking your raw materials from the garbage sounds great at first, it is not that easy to find a paper mache master who can produce your designs. This new business journey, which we first started by covering balloons, turned into a fun adventure where our house turned into a workshop and we turned into paper mache masters, so to speak, and our shelved project gained a new life and identity. Today's technologies such as 3D printer, laser, CNC etc. Our dream of a self-sufficient, sustainable business has finally come true, as new generation production methods such as have become available. This process, which we are extremely excited about, has made us waste paper collectors, 3D printer operators, product photographers, web designers, copywriters, social media experts and most importantly, craftsmen. We have carried out numerous practical experiments in pursuit of this dream. And we experienced the meaningful pride and joy of achieving countless mistakes. We wholeheartedly believe that the business model we have built will transform into completely different forms in the creative universe of design and art. Paper mache, which can be easily recycled even at home, has found a brand new life with the combination of craft and technology. This journey of ours has been going on for more than a year snd we're very excited about what more we can do. Please stay tuned for new content and products and be a part of the cycle.

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