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I am a person who, like everyone else, desires to be happier in general and strives to understand myself. Since my childhood, I have had therapists intermittently. Ever since I received my specialization, I have been consistently continuing this practice for years. What do I gain from my sessions? What benefits have writing journals and articles brought me? What insights have stayed with me from all the psychology and personal development books I have read? When I click on a link to a psychology podcast, open a post published by a therapist, or read a tweet they have shared, what am I searching for or hoping to find there? The most general answer to these questions is to better comprehend myself and explore my own being. If I were to respond based on my entire life experience (considering my 11 years of psychology education and professional career as a clinical psychologist, as well as my skill in maintaining journals and planners since I learned how to write), does self-support truly work? Without proper guidance and a thorough understanding of one's own experiences, I don't believe it does. Therefore, my purpose is not to rely on fixed judgments or rote knowledge but to assist someone in understanding themselves through their own experiences. When doing a puzzle, there are moments when we force a piece into what we think is the correct place or try to remove it from a tight spot, and the connecting point breaks, disrupting the integrity. Can you imagine that frustrating moment in your mind? I believe we are similar in this way. Without truly understanding our emotions, thoughts, needs, and desires, we try to fit ourselves into certain molds or struggle to free ourselves from those tight spots, and we break, unable to form a whole within ourselves or with our surroundings. Therefore, from my own experiences, I understand that only by starting to understand ourselves can we find or create spaces that are suitable for us. In this way, we can integrate ourselves with our inner selves and our environment. As a result, we find relief and peace. I hope that the space provided by each Planda supports your quest for meaning and brings you closer to yourself.

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