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Without any doubt, technology is the most important driver of change in the world today. New technologies and innovations enter people's homes, schools and offices in enormous amounts and at an incredible speed. They completely change the way we live, learn, work and play. Of course that is cool and exciting! But most consumers need at least some guidance in making the right choices, because the offer in electronic appliances is overwhelming and can be confusing. What consumers don't want, are technologies and electronic appliances that make their lives more complicated. Or blow their budget. What they do want, are easy-to-use electronic appliances and accessories that bring them lasting enjoyment and very good value for their money. Nedis has been leading the way in the consumer electronics market for over 40 years. We offer our partners a diverse and profitable range of electronic-related solutions for their customers, based on the latest technologies and innovations while embracing the latest trends. Our drive is to offer you and your clients products and solutions that provide a smart alternative to A brands. We take great pride in making our partners delighted by servicing you in the best possible way we can. Making it easy for you to create a sustainable stream of income to your business. Ordering is made easy via our webshop, scan-to-order app or data feed via EDI. Furthermore a dedicated product specialist is happy to answer any questions you or your customer might have.

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