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Miss May
Miss May

Imagine you're in a garden full of flowers, but only this time flowers are here for eternity. Lovingly created by the artist herself, Miss May, was founded in May 2018, by Pınar Aytekin. Since the beginning, she has always been drawn to nature, creating art and hand crafts. These concepts were awaiting to be combined in an extra-ordinary way, for a while. ​After realizing that flowers exist for such a limited time in nature, an idea of saving them for eternity made a huge sense. So, with the Motto ""Don't let the seasons pass by, keep your flowers nearby."", she created her own decorative brand, Miss May and became the artist that doesn't let the seasons pass by. Miss May has actually invented a way for flowers to time travel. Just before their time is up,  press-drying them in a special way, they can keep most of their natural colors for a very long time. Imagine, you can always feel like it's spring even though it's snowing outside, while you're drinking your coffee and sitting on your favourite couch on a beautiful day. It is the effect of Miss May. ​Now, it is time to open your in-doors to a tiny little sparkle and touch of spring, with these locally designed & hand made flower frames. Wishing you the best day!

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