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Mageia Handicrafts
Mageia Handicrafts

Mageia describes the miracle of attentive workmanship and quality hand labor. Magic heralds a special, fascinating and original style for women, based on the meaning of the meaning of magic. So much so that the products that occur in a process in which handicrafts are blended with carefully selected 100 %leather materials are sometimes a magic that occurs with the inspiration of a song, a poem or a flower. The source of the inspiration that reveals our products produced in Izmir is based on stories lying in the ancient lands of the Aegean, beautiful nature and sea. For this reason, the first collection of the model "Pina" called. Pina, a sea shell ... Our bags open like a seaside form with our special design, and they carry the unique Aegean spirit. In this way, Mageia's Pina becomes a rare accessory from a bag to a rare accessory ... And this accessory is a gift to all women carrying the sophisticated, free spirit.

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