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Lomiss is a concept brand that we created under the roof of Mokap Tasarım ve Kaplama . to present our innovative and stylish products for your needs.With our standard and customizable product line, we offer innovative and accessible solutions for your needs. 
We are combining comfort and quality with elegant design lines, Lomiss products draw strength from our detailed research and experience.Lomiss products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to their durable structures. With our specially developed coating material and seamless designs, we offer our products which are easy to clean, hygienic, resistant to sunlight and water resistant, flexible and soft touch with our stylish designs.As Lomiss, we offer customized products according to the needs and demands of our customers. We make your dreams come true with our open structure for joint works and ideas, innovative solutions. With the support of our creative team, we allow you to create the furniture that suits your needs.Lomiss's success lies in its ability to combine creative solutions with comfort and quality and implement them with experience.Do you need an idea or a solution? So, as Lomiss, we are with you…


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