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KYS Tasarım
KYS Tasarım

The foundations of KYS were laid by Kenan YENİ in 1965 when it started manufacturing in the furniture industry. Kenan YENİ, known as one of Eskişehir's most successful and creative carpenter masters, has gained a place in the sector in a short time as a well-known craftsman in the field of wooden furniture and decoration. Continuing its production activities in Baksan Industrial Site, where he played an active role in its establishment, Kenan YENİ has become a brand, especially with its own designed chair and table products. Our company, which serves with its production technology, quality and reliability in a very different line compared to its equivalent chair products, has continued its development over the years. He suffered a great loss with the death of Kenan YENİ in 2001. As a follower of our late father Kenan YENİ, our company, which continues its production and sales activities as YENİ MOBİLYA, with the KYS brand consisting of the head letter of "Kenan New Chairs", is our own design by remaining loyal to the vision and target of Kenan YENİ. produces quality and reliable products and takes care to protect its line and ideals. With its deep-rooted history, KYS Chairs continues to work with its qualified staff in order to provide the best service to its customers.

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