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Kinderbow is a design studio based in Istanbul, established to design fun, useful products made of 100% natural materials for children. Kinderbow is iconic with natural forms that offer simple solutions to the lifestyle of both children and parents. All products are handmade and made of high quality materials. Our goal is to join the world of each child as a chair, a rug or a lighting with simple but fun, correctly designed products. The products designed in the Kinderbow studio are produced using completely natural materials to reduce the irreversible, artificial, plastic usage and waste used by our children since birth and to create functional equipment that will help them to be educated in this direction. In all of our wooden products, we use natural olive oil which is brought from the Aegean region. We do not use any paint, polish or chemicals containing toxic substances. We aim to provide a unique gaming experience with wooden toys, which are always recommended more than other toy types in terms of both child health and intelligence development and bring many more benefits with them. Playing with our children with well-designed toys made with natural materials; we create a fascinating world for adults and creative, attractive, enjoyable and iconic moments for our children. Enjoy the moment.

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