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Kabuk Woodworks
Kabuk Woodworks

Kabuk Woodworks is established by two nature lovers in 2021. Our main materials are: Wood pieces which have completed their lives by their nature like broken branches, ruptured or fallen tree roots and pieces. We collect them during our cycling, hiking and running routes in nature. Even no branch is a waste in nature; as Kabuk Woodworks, we highlight the concepts of upcycling, sustainability and zero waste. We don’t touch any forest habitant; don’t cut any tree and don’t buy any wood. We don’t leave a trace in nature except our foot prints. We shape the collected wood pieces with our handcraft and knowledge; and present our designs. By their nature and texture, we produce unique, private and handmade products. We carry the power of nature to home by lifelong and durable products. At our designs, by protecting the tree’s smell, texture, fractures and all its life experience we present our respect to our nature and bring forest to your home.

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