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Honest The Label
Honest The Label

Honest the Label was born on the magical island of gods, Bali. Inspired by its beautiful nature and amiable locals; our founder Ebru incorporated her love for life, beauty & freedom with slow fashion to bring you feminine yet comfortable pieces. Using eco-sustainable fabrics and natural plant dyes in all our collections, except our knitwear collection, Honest the Label's values are anchored by people and mother earth. We are committed to making conscious business decisions that foster a sustainable future, and preserve our planet. We source all our materials from Bali and most importantly we produce and stock limited quantities. We only re-order styles as required to reduce unnecessary waste and limit our environmental impact. We take pride in our honesty about our products and the relationships we have with the people we work with. We collaborate with small well run family factories in Bali who put so much love into every Honest piece they produce. Each piece in our collection tells a story. By wearing our pieces, we want you to embrace your own story, the beauty of your existence, your divine feminine - all in it's messy glory. Just like mother nature does. We are believers in love. Love the Universe and all its beauty inspires every decision we make. From the choice of fabrics to our colour palettes, to how we give back to our planet.

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