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Har Sanat
Har Sanat

Designing was born out of its ashes, being called HAR. Looking At the Past “Anew” Designing was born out of its ashes with the help of HAR. We design our products by the inspiration we get from our past, from the civilisations that were once settled in Anatolia. By giving those civilizations and Turkish-Islamic art their due, honoring them, we produce decorative objects, dinnerware & serveware sets and souvenirs for you and your loved ones. Our aim is to enrich our relationship with the past in every possible way, adding more value to our already valuable heritage. Each Product Is Another Value Worth Pursuing To us, each product is another value worth pursuing. Do you know why? Because we believe our job is not limited to the achievement of aesthetic excellence. Doing research in meticulous detail is another must-have we regard with utmost seriousness. In accordance with international designing perspective, we make things that have their own story, connecting people to people, things, places and times. We consider each of our collections as the embodiments of our respect towards craftsmen bringing our ideas to life and cultures that inspire us in our work.

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