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Gajah Co
Gajah Co

At Gajah.co, 100% natural vegan candles and each of the succulents we have carefully selected are actually gifts specially prepared for you and your loved ones. In this colorful world we have created, there are memories of our childhood that refused to be trapped in the crowd, gray and sullenness of the city. Here, each design has its own name and story. Because we believe in the power of good and hopeful stories. Gajah.co takes its name from the elephants, who have a place in many different civilizations, for whom fairy tales are written, and are the strong characters of legends. From the Hindu, Malay and Indonesian elephant (gajah) comes the story of our birth. Elephants, one of the oldest inhabitants of the world and a part of all ancient civilizations, remind us once again of the power of life with their memory, joy, sorrow, loyalty, compassion and purity. In order to protect our children and our home, in other words, our planet and our future, we want every product at Gajah.co to reach you through a recycling and upcycling journey. We need to sustainably improve life for future generations, and for this we take care to make the right choices. At Gajah.co, we work to reduce our ecological footprint and source our resources mostly from recycled materials.

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