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Freya Gurme
Freya Gurme

The lands we are living on hosted two empires and blended different cultures and dietary habits that created a very rich and delicious cuisine. Our cuisine is built on a tradition that does only nourish our bodies, but also our hearts and minds and we are striving to sustain this tradition on our family tables although in a small scale. Freya is the fruit of these efforts of seeking different tastes by mingling the traditional with the contemporary by exercising great care for our family dinners and special occasions where we entertain our guests. We set on our journey with the dragon fruit that we produced on our own farmlands based on the expression ""A beautiful garden greens only with the owner's effort. As such, the food gets its taste and savor from its cook."" While continuing the dragon fruit production at your family-owned business Freya Greenhouse, we embarked on a quest to find a way to serve this fruit from farm to fork following a meticulous growing process. The taste we discovered in consequence of a lengthy research process involving dozens of recipes tried during many hours spent in the kitchen so satisfied us that we decided to blend other fruits and vegetables too besides dragon fruit. We have created a product range of various tastes that very well accompany different dishes and also act as any meal's protagonist. In doing this, we are using the most natural and freshest fruits as far as possible. We avoid refined sugar and prefer coconut sugar thanks to its aroma and naturalness. We crossed out preservers and additives to realize our dream of producing completely vegan mixtures that you can consume with peace in mind. We have embarked on our adventure with seven different blends that are 100% natural as supplementary tastes and niche savors that can readily accompany your cheeseboards, that offer wide-ranging uses in fusion cuisines, and that you can tastefully consume with any meat dish for dinners or with your pastry and dessert recipes. We wish you an endless zest for life with Freya Gurme delicacies on your table…


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