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Frame of mind
Frame of mind

Frame of mind is an Istanbul based brand founded by Irem Orsel Ozkan in 2020. After working for social media and digital works of global brands in many agencies, Irem took part in the communication team of a global brand. She was always a paper-person and wrote down all her happiness, unhappiness, plans and thoughts in her agenda, a habit her grandmother has instilled. She started to work in a position she wanted in a global company, which was her dream during the pandemic process, but realized that she was unhappy. At the same time, she started to create plans for weddings and moving abroad. The global company that she always thought she wanted was actually making her unhappy, finding her agendas where she had noted down her feelings, thoughts and plans for 14 years, and the thing she missed the most during the covid process was the many memories she spent with her family and friends, and those who made her smile or thought the most in those memories seem like our normal. It was an inspiration for Frame of mind, realizing that it is all about the moments and that those simple moments are the ones that are missed the most. Her previous writings reminded her of the happy moments and the reasons for gratitude, and the unhappy moments the lessons she learned. She remembered how excited she had been for her new agenda for 14 years in mid-November and decided to create her own agenda brand.

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