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Fiplantart Works
Fiplantart Works

I worked as a senior manager in Brand management, Advertising Sales and Marketing departments in many private companies. I decided to continue my career by doing my own business. I was very interested in innovation and innovative products. stabilized algae and plants were innovative products. and i met them. you use craft when making moss frames. and after the frames are finished, it gives people peace and joy. At the end of these processes, I decided to do my own business. I started my own business at the age of 35." Age thirty-five, half way down, my name is "Şe fika", the letters in the middle of my name are "fi" and fi means "perfect" in architecture. Based on this story, we established Fiplantart Works business. Being in nature and Bringing the beauties that nature offers us to our spaces has given me a special happiness.Growing up in a farm environment and discovering nature and plants has always been my journey since I was little. I love doing this and working with my hands. I really enjoy creating something that gives people a sense of happiness, peace and relaxation. We touch your living spaces with protected moss and plants. With our decoration works that support interior architecture, we create living walls and garden areas in your homes, workplaces, hospitals, schools, hotels and many more interior spaces. We bring green and nature to your feet. By bringing nature into your field of vision, we help you feel like you are in the natural environment where people need it most.

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