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Fin All Design
Fin All Design

Hello, welcome... If our paths have crossed today, I'm sure our dreams have also converged at some point. I embarked on this journey to nurture these dreams, to reach many more, and to breathe life into each one in their living spaces. I am Kübra Karatekin. My journey began when I realized that as I immersed myself in one of these dreams, my hands spontaneously brought that dream to life on a blank sheet of paper in front of me, and I opened my eyes from a delicate dream to a miraculous reality. I completed my education in Interior Architecture at Haliç University, which I consider the place where I found myself on this journey. After my graduation, I continued my career in various industries, gaining experience and in 2018, I founded my brand called Fin All Design. Since its inception, Fin All Design has been providing interior design services. By the year 2023, I decided to bring together all the home decor products that I recommend to all Fin All Design customers and that I have produced for them while designing their living spaces under one roof. Many of the products, which carry both a modern and traditional touch, blending the value of the past with the excitement of today, are designed and carefully selected by me for Fin All Design, and they are getting ready to reach you with the value of local production. So, are you ready to explore this world?


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