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Dolce Pets, dedicated to our dear friends and their dear friends who taught us what unconditional love means… Everything started with my dog, my dear Badem. Ever since Badem came into my life, I always wanted to do the best for her. Against His love for me, this request of mine became almost an obligation. I seem to hear my pet friends understand me very well and mumble ""yes, I'm just like that"" while reading… One day, when I went to the PetShop for Badem's routine check-ups, I saw clothes stacked on top of each other, faded and unattractive on the shelves of the PetShop. Just then, I said to myself, “Why isn't any of the clothes I want to buy like this, when the products I buy for him are always the best and of the highest quality?” I asked. When I got home, I made my decision and wanted to offer you the most stylish, top quality and of course the most suitable products under the brand name of DolcePets, both for my Badem and for thousands of my animal friends who think like me. At this point, my brand and I assure you that every product we have presented to you is products that I will use for my friend with my eyes closed and that do not have the slightest defect in quality. You can find both quality and fashion at Dolce Pets for our dear friends who deserve the best of everything. I hope you will be as happy and excited as I am, and as satisfied and full of love as Badem on this journey we embarked on.

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