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Established to support a balanced diet, healthy life and healthy aging, Colslim aims to provide extra goodness and benefit by offering its users clean and innovative products for needs beyond basic nutrition. While bringing together the best and natural ingredients, it takes care to combine products that are easy to adapt to daily life. Blend by Colslim, our functional beverage series compatible with Nespresso machines, which has been the latest addition to our different concept products since 2018, was launched to make our moments of pleasure even more meaningful and to enrich the contents we love. started to take their places. Mellow and Wake Me Up, which offer much more than coffee to coffee lovers and have two different drinking features with soft and hard drinking alternatives, nourish your skin and body from the inside with type 1 (Verisol) collagen it contains. Our capsules, which do not contain any aluminum and petroleum-based ingredients, are 100% biodegradable and can be re-joined in the resource cycle through recycling after use.

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