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Cenkkaya Design Studio
Cenkkaya Design Studio

Cenkkaya’s founder and creative director Cenk A. Kaya hails from an interdisciplinary background. In 2020, Cenk decided to change gear and turn his energy toward Cenkkaya Design Studio and wanted his designs to be ahead of the curve through its distinctive interpretation of trends and exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics. Focusing on quality material, good design, craftsmanship and sustainability, Cenkkaya focuses on reflecting the epitome of quality rather than quantity. Not just function, not just form, not just aesthetic. Our designs, considering the design and production conditions, is the result of an integrative perspective between conscious preference and renunciation. The primary conceptual basis of Cenkkaya design consists of simplicity. According to Cenk A. Kaya simplicity and banality; is like two points standing side by side on a circle. The sophisticated harmony of material, function and form can only be achieved by experiencing all points that constitute the circle. In this context, the path to simplicity is not quite that simple. With every novel design process, Cenkkaya continues to learn by experiencing a unique circle. Cenkkaya Design Studio has an approach to manufacture that embraces local industries, workshops, and craftsmen. At Cenkkaya, design processes impart time for research, contemplation, real life impact testing and fine tuning. In a society where production is too fast and too abundant we will continue to implement our meticulously produced limited designs.

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