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Ava Villain
Ava Villain

Kübra Salih, the founder of the brand graduated from Marmara University Fashion Design Department and completed her education in various fashion academies. She decided to bring the 'Branding in the Fashion Sector' work, which is the subject of her graduation project, into real life and established the AVA VILLAIN brand in 2022. Throughout the brand, the universe draws inspiration from religions and mythologies. With the view that hedonism is one of the human virtues, which causes humans to start the world adventure by eating the Forbidden Apple, the brand produces luxury and fairy-tale products that are highly desired and pleasing to have.The integration of everything in the universe, formed by the combination of perfect atoms, into a system in the service of man; inspires the brand to bring together the perfect little details in its products and to serve people's pleasure.Each product of the brand is produced with the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. In addition to its intended use, it provides a luxurious and fairy-tale experience by appealing to the emotions.

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