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Ausfahrt34 & Ajma Collaboration
Ausfahrt34 & Ajma Collaboration

As Ajma -Ausfahrt34, we believe that rapid and seasonal consumption harms nature. Based on this, while presenting the products of our dreams to you, we create unlimited and timeless pieces that are not limited to a single season, and combine the Ajma naturalness and Ausfahrt34 wearable art philosophy. Our batik pieces, which symbolize a stance against seasonal pieces that become monotonous or otherwise never touch the ground, are designed as one of the most colorful forms of our sustainable fashion understanding. The “sail fabrics” used on boats before have come to life again with our sustainable bags. Therefore, you can find the vast freedom of the sea in these bags. Ausfahrt34 and Ajma believe that fashion is slow, sustainable and ethical. Because our products are recycled from marine life, they may contain tiny cute marks. The most important common point of both brands is their belief that fast consumption harms the environment. While realizing the product of their dreams, instead of consuming them every season, this timeless collection was created by combining the dynamism of Ausfahrt34 and the naturalness of Ajma. While some of the pieces in the collection are made more sustainable by recycling sailing fabrics, the Ausfahrt34xAjma collaboration, which is unique and expressed in colors, is designed for everyone to feel themselves within the brand. The formation journey of our models; The uniqueness of hand tie-dye and the comfort of comfort were brought together. Produced with different color and pattern options. It is designed for unisex and 4-season use. Environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly methods were adopted in the production processes.

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