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Arete Design by Egemen Umut Şen
Arete Design by Egemen Umut Şen

Arete in Ancient Greek Philosophy; It is used to express the competence of something. Whoever or something does the work according to his nature, he is the one with the arete. In the case of man, the type of activity peculiar to man is not movement, reproduction, or growth. Man's arete develops with the use of his mind. Therefore, the virtue of man is knowledge. Art, on the other hand, is one of the most effective means of producing information for people to understand and explain the nature of themselves and what they are in. Art is partly Plato's eidola that includes social benefit, and partly Aristotle's opportunity to approach reality and experience catharsis. Art is what Socrates defines as arete; It is a means of reaching happiness, which is the highest good for man, by turning to his own essence. That's why Arete Design, an artistic design brand; Aiming at conceptual inquiries along with artistic sensation, it has centered on designs that are directed towards human nature and the natural. In this context, it aims to deliver simple but not simple, plain but not bland handmade furniture produced with natural materials and complementary artistic accessories with collection value to selective customers.

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