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The Aparte woman sees beauty in all aspects of life. She is not afraid to push boundaries, to indulge, to be comfortable, and embrace her sexuality. She is vibrant. She is alive in all senses of the world. She is open to new experiences; she is bold in how she carries herself in her daily life. She is adaptable to change, to evolve and to grow. Every woman is an Aperte woman, she just has to let her out. Aperte is approaching the lingerie world unconventionally. Wanting to look at it from an entirely new lens. Not focused as much on the items themselves, but the type of women who wear them. Aperte is a physical embodiment of characteristics of strong women. To remind them to be confident, strong, rebellious, charismatic, comfortable in chaos, and not afraid to own her femininity. Aperte aims to be more than a brand. But a community of women, who inspire each other to be bigger, bolder, stronger. Furthermore, Aperte wants to focus this mission specifically towards Turkish women who deserve to take ownership of their feminity in all ways. We emulate this by ensuring all products are locally made, in Turkey. Together we will uplift each other, all Turkish woman, to the next level. To a mindset and mentality that will only allow us to thrive. To create a world where all women can express themselves freely, confidently, even in our lingerie. What we use as our strength underneath our clothes, rather than just what we show to the outside world. Besides, confidence comes from within. From what no one else sees. This is where Aperte comes in.

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