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AJO Beauty
AJO Beauty

AJÓ Beauty is based on the philosophy of “hinou dokon”, which means “skin-mind same root” in Japanese. It is based on the belief that the way to take care of the skin is to take care of the mind. Beauty is a way of life and should shine not only from the outside but also from the inside. Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin can only be achieved from a holistic perspective. As AJÓ Beauty, we are aware of the relationship between beauty and health. Based on the principles of preventive maintenance and holistic approach, we always prioritize quality and innovation. We are passionate about helping women be at peace with their age, wear their beauty with self-confidence, and embrace the philosophy of healthy aging. Our goal is to turn skin care into a lifestyle for all women by making the skin resilient and providing natural and healthy beauty in the long term. We are constantly looking for innovations to offer effective and easy-to-use solutions that respect the skin. We believe that beauty goes beyond what the eye can see. That's why we're holistic in our entire approach, from seed to skin. Following Japan's principles of innovation, quality and naturalness, AJÓ Beauty has been carefully formulated at every step from research to development and production. The formulas used in our products were developed by scientists with research and development studies in the field of cellular science in Japan's most advanced laboratories. As AJÓ Beauty, we combine natural ingredients with high technology and innovative formulas that have been studied for a long time. We do not produce without reaching certainty through scientific research.

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