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2 Stories
2 Stories

Sandra & Erdal Akboğa and with two beautiful children, a girl (Elin) and a boy (Aren Noah), plus a 3-year-old black Labrador called Roxy.
After 40 years in Istanbul, we live since 2018 in Düsseldorf.
We believe it is all about loving what you do or doing what you love and 2 Stories is our passion project which we hope will become a lifetime journey for us and for you all. We wanted to create the products for us and for our little ones,  to enjoy the designs, colours, materials etc…
We are obliged to protect our children, families and environment, which we love more than anything else. Because we love our children, our products are free of harmful substances. Because we love our environment we produce mostly little than too much. And we especially thrive in selling %100 handmade items which you’ll often find pre-orders. By pre-ordering, you help us better to determine the right volume of production.
We try hard to ensure you that when you buy from us, you will have a personalised shopping experience with items that don’t come out of a factory but are each uniquely handmade. Each item, that has been produced by a women- a mother.with love. We believe in supporting other small businesses, women, mothers…That is why our products are 100% produced in fair conditions.

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