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Nomadic State of Mind
Nomadic State of Mind

We at Nomadic State of Mind believe that while it may not always be possible to take your physical body to new and exciting destinations, you certainly can find small doses of time to let your mind wander into unknown territories. Whether you fancy physical travel (time travel or within this dimension), sense expansion (ever tried an unfamiliar cuisine?) or going for a ride with Google Earth into the depths of the globe to discover a small town in the other hemisphere – you have tapped into your Nomadic State of Mind... Now, take a peek into ours. 
Nomadic State of Mind, a grassroots-style handmade sandal company, founded by Chris Anderson, began its voyage in the late 1990’s. In the early years, we ran the business out of a 1969 VW bus, which also served as Chris’ summer home. 

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