Megna Studio

Istanbul-based design studio founded upon two principles: self-expression and loving what you do.

Megna Studio passionately creates objects that reflect these principles. From bags to ceramics, each design is a delicate statement about self-identity. Founded by Naz Yasun Eryilmaz, Megna Studio doesn’t just craft objects. It crafts a lifestyle. Inspired by Naz’s endless explorations in style, culture, art and travel, the creations blend daily functionality with timeless aesthetics.

Take our ceramics, for example. The tableware sets are designed with extended use in mind. Not only are they made from a special type of durable clay, they also come in natural colors and shapes that will never go out of style. The harmonious color palette of our tableware sets makes them perfect for mixing and matching. And it lets you create your own unique sets. The ceramics are handmade in the family studio through the joyful collaboration of different generations. Which makes them rooted in tradition but unapologetically modern. Kind of like our bags. They too emerge from similar ideas. They may look hip, but they also reflect a careful attention to detail and functionality -a trait that runs in the family.

Expect soon-to-be-added items such as ceramic vases, as we grow our product range without compromising our boutique style. Ultimately, we are keen believers that less is more. So whether you’re after objects that define who you are or just looking for a unique gift, a piece from our collection might just be the thing. We love what we do and we are thrilled to share our passion with likeminded people. Our collection grows and changes over time so be sure to follow us for the latest updates.

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