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Influenced by the chain mail techniques of different geographies, DJEZAIRLI combines the concepts of power and elegance with a modern design approach, building a bridge between the past and the future. Chain mails, formed by combining hundreds of rings with passion and patience, find their form in different areas as both an object and fashion accessories.By interpreting a technique born in Mesopotamia in the 300s BC, after 2000 years in the Aegean Region in the 2000s, DJEZAIRLI is a timeless artist, who does not fit into stereotypes, and expresses his works gender neutrally, independent of defined forms and norms. Bringing a new perspective to the notions of the nature of armors in the works he designs, as strength, courage, struggle, and being unstoppable, DJEZAIRLI invites you on a journey between eras and styles. Be timeless, be unique, be yourself!


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