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Aqua Athena
Aqua Athena

Aqua Athena is to inspire women to be limitless in their unique journey. There is a great symbolism and purpose behind the values ​​of the brand. By providing unique limited edition clothing, women are reminded to embrace their individuality and uniqueness. Quality, long-lasting products symbolize timeless inner power. Luxury materials express the consumer's unique beauty. Global sourcing and travel is an example of our connection as women across the globe and appeals to our shared humanity and experiences across borders. The brand paves the way for returning to others as it strives to build a strong, supportive women's community.

The brand is heavily inspired by summer travels, but the focus for the first collection highlights a historical period that resonates with nature and brand identity. It is combined with today's craftsmanship and a modern style, with a much softer and feminine line of the 1970s. Minimalist elements, clean lines, balanced design and geometric shapes set the design tone of the brand.

In this special collection, the pieces reflect the inspirations taken from nature. The prints of the collection to be released at the end of this spring combine and interpret the nature, fashion and design trends of the last decade.

Women's attitudes were heavily reflected in fashion, women began to wear more makeup and jewelry, shorter skirt lines, and hairstyles became shorter as they became modern women. The feminine power of the 1970s refers to the power and empowerment of women at the core of the brand, and this is a reminder of the modern obstacles to equality that many women around the world still face today.

It also reminds women that when confronted with this brand, they must feel sexy, powerful, and empowered to be a “special girl”.


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