The Gaia Designs

Born out of Chaos in Greek mythology, Gaia is nature, mother earth. Seas, mountains, clouds, earth, inspiration, art, light, those whose abundance is exhausted.
All these lives inspired by the chaos he lived in. Gaia designs, founded in 2020 by Designer, Landscape Architect, Theater Actor and Dance Instructor Gülşah Bayraktar, aim at the slow production conscious consumption principle by creating mythological and modern line timeless-design products. The patterns drawn are transferred to the fabrics with a special printing style and the production continues with inspiration from theater, dance, botanical, architecture, nature, love, light, music and the rhythm of shadows. Design products are produced 100% ethically in cooperation with local and support domestic production. Fabric and textile dyes used in design products do not contain chemicals that harm human and animal health, they do not have a carcinogenic effect.